Consultations in veterinary dermatology at the Cernobbio clinic

In addition to the classic general veterinary services, our veterinary clinic in Cerobbio offers dermatological consultancy aimed at identifying skin diseases in dogs, cats and other pets. The long-term experience of Dr. Gilardoni and his collaborators is a guarantee of professionalism and efficiency and will allow us to promptly arrive at a precise diagnosis and the consequent choice of the most suitable treatment to restore the health of your four-legged friend.
The dermatological consultation service is carried out exclusively upon request and by appointment.

Diagnosis and treatment for skin diseases and irritations

The Veterinary Clinic of Dr. Corrado Gilardoni offers, by appointment, an efficient dermatological consultation service for dogs, cats and other conventional and non-conventional pets. The dermatological diseases that can affect dogs and cats are numerous and varied and in several cases show similar symptoms. This is why often only a careful specialist visit allows the formulation of a precise diagnosis and to identify the most appropriate curative treatment.
At the veterinary clinic in Cernobbio microscopic examinations of hair and cutaneous cytology are performed, in parallel to more specific investigations such as biopsies and allergy tests, through the use of cutting-edge equipment and latest generation technologies.
To book a dermatological consultation for your pet at our clinic, do not hesitate to call us and make an appointment.