Veterinary examinations and cardiological examinations

Our veterinary clinic in Cernobbio is able to take care of your animal friends and their health with a full range of services, from consultations to veterinary cardiology examinations, always using the most innovative techniques and tools, both for diagnosis and treatment.

Cardiac disorders

Affected animals are often affected by diseases related to the heart, which may be present from birth, then congenital, or acquired, i.e. appear at any time of the life of the animal. It is therefore very important to subject our four-legged friends to careful veterinary cardiology examinations. They are especially recommended in case of easy fatigue, difficulty breathing, episodes of weakness or cough, especially at night. Veterinary cardiac examinations are also recommended before any surgical procedure that requires anaesthesia.

The cardiological visit

Dr. Alice Politi is the veterinarian of the clinic specialising in cardiology. She will then follow the veterinary cardiology examinations that include the evaluation of various parameters such as the measurement of systemic blood pressure, the auscultation of the chest and a series of instrumental and minimally invasive tests such as ECG and echocardiography, to provide an evaluation functional heart and diagnose arrhythmias and diseases. Thanks to these veterinary cardiology examinations, the diseases can be diagnosed in time, so as to start an appropriate and targeted therapy. Furthermore, our Cernobbio staff will monitor and monitor the animal at the end of the therapy, to check its health and help the owners in rehabilitation.