Orthopedic check ups and surgery services

The unit of orthopaedics of the Veterinary Clinic of Dr. Corrado Gilardoni of Cernobbio aims to guarantee your four-legged friends a good quality of life, taking care of and preventing the various pathologies of the dog and cat locomotive system. The clinic employs the most modern diagnostic tools and provides the expertise of its staff for the highest quality veterinary orthopedics.


The veterinary orthopaedics department also deals with the treatment of complex articular fractures, patella luxations, traumas of muscles, tendons and ligaments. External and internal fixation interventions are performed, with plates and fixators, which allow faster healing times and reduced disability.

Diagnosis and therapy

Orthopaedic diseases affect bones, joints, muscles and tendons. In recent years, veterinary orthopaedics is probably the discipline of the sector that has seen the greatest development and it is now possible to find new solutions to many problems that previously seemed unsolvable. In the first months and years of life of the animal it is important to examine and investigate for any significant indications on the future of the joints and on the first signs of possible dysplasias, so as to be able to intervene with resolving operative measures.


Animals that have not been subjected to an early orthopedic path are likely to suffer from advanced osteoarthritis, chronic-degenerative inflammation that leads to a progressive reduction in joint function. Our veterinary clinic is able to follow these patients, with the latest therapies available, and the use of dedicated anti-inflammatories.