Specialist eye exams and veterinary eye surgery

The veterinary clinic of Cernobbio also specialises in veterinary ophthalmology, that is the treatment of eye diseases in dogs, cats and other pets, always using cutting-edge equipment. We are available both for emergencies such as severe wounds of the cornea or dislocation of the lens, and for visits by appointment.

Eye exams for your animal friend

The sight and visual function of animals is very different from that of humans and are subject to complex pathological ailments, reducing the quality of life of the animal. Eye visits are therefor necessary to check for any pathologies, traumatic or non-traumatic, which can lead to serious visual hinderances. In our veterinary clinic, only the most modern equipment is used, such as the digital tonometer, the slit lamp and the direct and indirect ophthalmoscope. The ultrasound is also available for diagnostic studies.

Pathologies and treatments

Among the most common diseases we find is glaucoma in dogs, severe neuro-degenerative syndrome leading to blindness, inflammation of the cornea, and uveitis, lens luxation, corneal ulcers and diffuse irideal melanoma. The first symptoms of a visual problem may be the pupils always being dilated, being different shapes and the animal having problems moving them.
The staff of the veterinary clinic of Dr. Corrado Gilardoni can offer a complete treatment for the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases of many animal species. Treatments of different diseases can be both medical and surgical.