General and specialised veterinary surgery

Our veterinary clinic in Cernobbio offers patients and their owners a cutting edge veterinary surgical practice and obstetrics department. The team of surgical specialists is always ready to intervene where medical treatment is not sufficient to guarantee the health and good quality of life for the pet. Aware of how much surgery can be a delicate moment for both animals and humans, we guarantee maximum efficiency and maximum care of your four-legged friend.

Innovation for better services

Our surgery department uses radio frequency devices that halve the amount of time animals have to be under anaesthesia. In this way, the recovery time post-operation is also reduced and the surgical treatment is less invasive for the animal. The trained and qualified staff is able to offer high quality pre and post operative assistance, thanks to the application of the most modern anaesthetic protocols.

The surgical services

The surgical services provided at the Veterinary Clinic of Dr. Corrado Gilardoni can be aimed at both preventing and treating various diseases, and also in some cases to establish a more accurate diagnosis. We deal with the early sterilisation, that is done before the castration of the male. Then we perform mastectomies, endoscopies, dental extractions, orthopaedics, surgical interventions for gastrointestinal tract, biopsies and others.