Exams in place with own laboratory

Thanks to the professionalism of staff and collaborators and many years of experience, among the services provided at the Veterinary Clinic of Dr. Corrado Gilardoni is a laboratory for clinical analysis, even for urgent cases. Call us now to request a visit to Cernobbio!

Laboratory diagnostics

In the last ten years veterinary laboratory diagnostics has evolved enormously, making new tests available for dogs and cats, able to help veterinarians in diagnosing various diseases. With animals, cytological and histological examinations become even more important because we are faced with patients who can show their discomfort in a very limited way. Thanks to our in-house exams we can more easily identify the causes of a problem, and then find the most appropriate treatment and treatments.

Delivered Services

Thanks to the laboratory inside our veterinary clinic we can carry out all the examinations necessary under one roof, thus ensuring reports obtained in a very short time and maximum efficiency. The laboratory is equipped with modern and innovative instruments and offers the following exams:

  • Complete haematological profiles and reading
  • Complete biochemical profile
  • Cytology
  • Electrolytic profiles
  • Faeces tests
  • Urine tests
  • FIV / FELV for the cat
  • Leishmania
  • Filaria (micro / macro)
  • Microbiological examinations
  • Herpes V. Canis
  • Mycotic cultures
  • Evaluation of the canine seed
  • Evaluation of DNA for the main hereditary diseases
  • Determination of the blood type of the dog and the cat
  • Genetic tests for hereditary diseases.